ATOM/Creative Design

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Graphic Design, UI Designer, Web Design, Game Interface Design, Motion Design.
Bing, Microsoft Games Studios, XBOX Dashboard (LRX), Microsoft Advertising, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Marketing, Gamehouse, Real Networks.

I have excelled in a variety of different graphic and developer design roles. My contributions includes Bing Design Studios, Xbox Games Studios, LRX (the Xbox Dashboard), Microsoft Advertising, Microsoft Office, Gamehouse, and Microsoft Partner Portal.

I create design experiences that are effortless, thoughtful, and express a unity of design. I have a complete understanding of the design process from conception, wireframes, prototypes, and storyboards, to vsiual, motion, interactive, and responsive design for PC, Tablets and Mobile. 

As a designer I have a expert level skills typography, interface, UX, responsive design, localization, HTML5, CSS3, and the Adobe suite of tools. I keep up with the latest design trends and utilize the latest technology in my work. I have worked on high profile projects from conception to ship, I am an excellent communicator, and work well in an Agile environment.

2009 Microsoft Advertising Award / US Sales for Snapple brand integration.

2010 Nomination at Cannes Advertising awards for James Cameron's Avatar campaign / MSN Europe.

2008 XBOX Games Studios release "Crackdown" goes Platinum.